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Sex and Racism in America by Calvin C. Hernton

    I've always been very curious why some people are against interracial relationships so I thought that maybe the book SEX AND RACISM IN AMERICA by Calvin C. Hernton might help me understand. He writes about the different attitudes and fallacies that people have about each other.

    This book is about the white and the black race, but I feel that it can relate to any race. He starts out with an introduction describing how everyone feels about interracial sexual relationships; whether it is a positive or negative view. Some very frank examples he gives are that black men have very large penises or that they are savages. The thought that they are savages is what supposedly turns the white woman on to them. These are a very few examples you will read about. He then talks about how white women, black women, white men, and black men feel about things chapter by chapter. In fact, those are the names of the chapters themselves. Throughout the book he sociologically analyzes the views then sums it up in the chapter called Implications for the Future.

    Calvin C. Hernton is very explicit and quite straight-forward with his descriptions of what people think or feel. He talks about the myths and facts of what the different races, or should I say different people from different races, feel about each other. He also gives quotes and little excerpts from stories that he has heard through the grapevine or that people have told him. I feel that if you don't read this book with an open mind you might as well just leave it alone. It has strong views, both negative and positive, and whether you agree with it or not, all that is covered in this book is real. I strongly recommend reading this if you have any interest between relationships between races, sexually or not. I thought that I had heard it all but I definitely found out that I only knew a very small part.

Reviewed by: Angela Fletcher

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